A Non-Profit,Non-Religious

& Non-Political Organization.


بزم اردو

ایک غیر منافع بخش، غیر مذہبی

اور غیر سیاسی تنظیم.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To see Urdu regain the status it deserves globally as one of the most streamline language for a majority of people of Indian Sub-continent around the world. To see lovers of Urdu on one platform irrespective of their Colour, Religion, Geographies, all united for the cause of Urdu, the sweetest language in the world.


Our Mission

To endeavor and take all the steps to unite the lovers of Urdu language across the world so that Urdu is recognized as one of the most commonly spoken language across the Indian Sub-continent and people originating from this geography but living all around the world. To create occasions where the whole world can taste the sweetness of this language and popularize it further across the boundaries, cultures and religions.