A Non-Profit,Non-Religious

& Non-Political Organization.


بزم اردو

ایک غیر منافع بخش، غیر مذہبی

اور غیر سیاسی تنظیم.

About us

BAZM-E-URDU is a Non-Profit, Non-Religious & Non-Political organization striving to promote URDU globally. The organization is based in Dubai and is run by volunteers who are Professionals working full time for various Corporations and Multi National Companies but inspired by their culture and LOVE of URDU, one of the sweetest languages in the world, joined together for its cause. BAZM-E-URDU believes that URDU is a language of masses and various communities which unfortunately has been harmed by various individuals and political parties for their vested interests. URDU is a language of Hindus, Muslims, Punjabis, Pathans and the rest of the world. Various communities, countries, regions and religions have served URDU over a long period of time. Bazm-E-Urdu’s purpose is to restore URDU to its place and beauty it deserves. Some facts about URDU:

    • 4th largest language in the world after Mandarin, English & Spanish.
    • Spoken by over 600 million people across five continents.
    • More than 3 Million URDU speakers in UAE alone.
    • Official language of 6 Indian States and one of the 22 scheduled languages in the Constitution of India National    Language of Pakistan.
    • Understood & Spoken by North Indians, Pakistanis, Afghanis, Balochs and settlers of Indian origin in UK, USA,    Canada, etc.
    • After Arabic, Urdu stands out as the 2nd largest source of literature on Islam.

  • The starting of Bazm-E-Urdu is extremely humbling but the goals and objectives are extremely ambitious. Since most of the people associated with the organization have never learnt Urdu formally, they believe that if efforts are made to popularize it at a young age for the future generations, we might be able to revive the language. The belief comes from the fact that Urdu as a language is currently used and spoken by millions across but without them formally realizing that it is Urdu essentially which they speak. Bazm-E-Urdu believes that if these people are consciously made to realize that the language which they like and love to speak is Urdu then they may consciously learn and propagate it further.

    Bazm-E-Urdu has plans, programs and projects being worked out to professionally get this communicated to the right audiences. We plan to rope in those intellectuals and celebrities who can help us get this message across to the masses. We will be conducting programs such as work-shops, focused groups, etc. as part of our future program to take our cause further.

    Bazm-E-Urdu has also decided to instate an Annual Award for an Individual or Organization to recognize their efforts and work for Urdu. The award is being instated in sweet memory of a very renowned poet – JOSH MALIHABADI and will be called JOSH-E-URDU Award For Service To Urdu.

    Bazm-E-Urdu has also decided to conduct a Mushairah in Dubai every year on the occasion of Indo-Pak Independence day. The plan is also to conduct more Mushairas in different other locations to give more and more people chance to soak in the sweetness of this remarkable language.